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Intersection at Plattsburg Ave. & North Ave.

Update 12/23/2008

From Nicole Losch at the Department of Public Works

"The City applied for and was awarded grant funding through the VTrans Safe Routes to School Program. This funding can be used to improve pedestrian signals along North Avenue between the Ethan Allen Shopping Center and Plattsburg Avenue, and to improve pedestrian accessibility at the intersection of Plattsburg and North Avenues. We have begun the engineering design for the intersection of Plattsburg intersection, and we are working on the environmental documents needed to begin the signal improvements. We hope to begin construction of these projects during the summer of 2009."

I'll check to see if and when there is going to be a chance for public input on this.

Happy Holidays

Steve McIntyre

This intersection is a pedestrian disaster. From the northeast coner, you have no choice but to cross illeagly to the south and the west. The easiest solution is probably the best solution. Add a crosswalk across Plattsburg Ave. and add a crosswalk signal on the northeast corner. The existing crosswalk button on the southeast corner could be used for crossing either west over North Ave. or north over Plattsburg Ave.

Several children have to deal with this intersection on a daily basis. This intersection is bad for pedestrains of all ages, but needs to be fixed quickly and intelligently because it's used by childeren.

Plattsburg Ave. and North Ave.
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