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Thoughts on June 18th OGC Meeting

This session was crammed full of information. In my opinion, too crammed. Fitting four presenters into a 2.25 hour meeting doesn't leave much time for Q&A, though I was glad to see the public get their chance to ask questions and make comments.

Tim Ashe was the MC for this meeting, and did a good job directing traffic and keeping us on schedule.  After settleing the ground rules for the night, Ken Schatz started his presentation on the law side of Open Government. He talked about the minimum legal requirements compared with present practices, including committee, commission and board appointments, public notice for meetings and definitions of meetings. All in all, it was pretty illuminating from a legal prespective.

Next up to bat was Tim Barden. Tim had a great presentation on a subject that needs a meeting of it's own*. Being a geek, this one was key for me. The biggest thing I learned from this was the scope of the number of websites, that may or may not, fall under the City of Burlington's umbrella. For instance, Fletch Free Library was listed as an institution that might be under this umbrella. A Library resource  under Government control raises a flag. I would need some sort of guarantee of autonomy for FFL before I would recommend this course.

After Tim was  Kristin Lonerwright, the HR Director for City Employees. I wasn't quite sure why she was asked to present, though she did a great job of spelling out what was public and private information.

Batting cleanup was David White, Planning and Zoning Director. He had a great Power Point presentation (that we should be getting a copy of). Development issues need to have a meeting of their own*.


*I'll be making a formal motion that these two topics be covered extensively. Hopefully with meetings of their own.



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