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Thoughts on June 25th OGC Meeting

So, just in time for the next meeting, my thoughts on the last meeting. Sorry about that.

Leopold was a no show so it was all about CEDO. Larry and Ita.

With Larry, there was a lot of discussion about development concerns regarding privacy vs. public knowledge. I brought up the point that many have made, that getting neighbors involved and informed, specifically the NPAs, would go a long way towards relieving the stress on the adversarial positions that developers and neighborhoods seem to take more often than not.

I asked if there was a bright line in the sand/process where the public had an undenialble right to know. the answer I got was not that clear, though I must admit, I wasn't expecting a clear answer. Larry and Ken Schwartz have each said that Burlington is a tough town for developers (from a developer point of view). I don't disagree with that. I'm not ashamed or proud of that. I would expect that. Building a large scale commercial project outside of downtown, commercial or Neighborhood Activity Centers should be difficult to accomplish and should be subject to the opinion of the residential neighborhood involved. Burlington has room to grow, if it's done wisely. 

Ita, just plain Rocks!

There should be no doubt that Ita represents the best of what CEDO has to offer the common Burlintonian. Now we just have to figure out how to get the word out, and make Ita very busy. Sorry Ita. 



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