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#1 - If a City open meeting is not disseminated to the appropriate email list, RSS feed and website with its complete agenda and all associated documents that are to be discussed or presented at the meeting one week before the meeting is scheduled, the meeting will be postponed.  This includes Boards, Commissions and the City Council.  (Rooney)

#2 - All government meetings need to be listed on the web site at least 10 days in advance, and detailed agendas posted at the same time.  No scheduling changes can be made without an additional 7 days warning.  (Stuono)


#1 - Meeting minutes should be taken by unbiased 3rd party (preferably a trained court recorder) to do the transcript, and posted on-line via web in a timely fashion (within 24 hours preferably, and within a few days essential).  There has been repeated criticism that meeting minutes are often inaccurate, and taken by staff or Board who seem to show bias.  There must also be a provision for the public to review and challenge these minutes, as these minutes are used for various Board and Council decisions. (Stuono)

#2 - Minutes, Agendas and all other documents that are currently posted on the website in MS Word format should be placed in a searchable database instead. This will allow users to more easily search and view the contents of these items. (McIntyre)


#1 - Each section of the website (City Hall, CEDO, DPW, etc) should be clearly identifiable and easy to navigate from one section to another. (McIntyre)

#2 - RSS Feeds and Mailing List options should be available for every department, commission, board and council. (McIntyre)

#3 - a public advisory committee be established to provide input on just what kinds of information and format would be most useful to have online (or this input could be provided through the Open Government Committee, if this Committee is continued -- see my next recommendation). Perhaps some public survey/questionnaire would also be helpful. (Senville)

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