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OGC Monster List - Code Enforcement & CEDO

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Code Enforcement:

#1 - Using respectful, neutral words to describe the action and the resident, like report and person who filed the report,  instead of complaint and complainant, is appropriate for a neutral fact-finding civic process. A resident-friendly, educational and lawful process would work like this:
The action of a resident reporting a possible municipal code violation should not be called COMPLAINT by a COMPLAINANT. We are, after all, exhibiting civic responsibility when we alert CE to a possible violation of the Municipal Code. Or, to say it another way, when the enjoyment of our property is infringed upon by a neighbor's violation of the Municipal Code, we appeal to CE for relief.  So contact with CE is a REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION regarding a REPORTED MUNICIPAL CODE ISSUE and the person who brings the issue to the attention of CE is making a request for investigation, reporting a possible violation. Using a respectful, neutral word to desscribe the action, like REPORT, and referring to the person as the REPORTER, establishes a neutral fact-finding process. A resident reports a possible Municipal Code violation, and requests both a site investigation and review of the issue relative to the Municipal Code.

A - Person submits a REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION  in person,  by phone, via on-line communication.
B - CE acknowledges the REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION  with reference to applicable section of Municipal Code, and provides information about Code and Protocol.  
B1 - If Municipal Code does not apply, the REPORTER is informed that there is no basis for action and why, and where/how to Appeal if not satisfied.
B2 - If Municipal Code applies, CE would perform an INVESTIGATION, make a site visit, interviews parties involved, then issues a DETERMINATION based on the Municipal Code. The REPORTER receives a clear statement of the investigator's findings, area/s of the Municipal Code that apply, action that will be taken, and the Appeal Process. (Terhune)

#2 - Change town clerk policy so that a permanent Zoning CO is required before issuing title on new units, thus putting accountability back where it belongs -  on the original permittees and developers. (Papp)


#1 - The public has a right to know all projects that CEDO is working on, and their current status from inception to completion.  This can be maintained via a web page. (Stuono)

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