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OGC Monster List

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OGC Monster List
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I created The Monster List almost entirely from questions emailed to the committee or asked during the public forums of the meetings. I combined some of them and discarded duplicates, then organized them by topic and category. In my opinion, this is by far the most complete representation of concerns voiced by the public on the topic of Open Government in Burlington Vermont.

Download the printer friendly PDF version here



#1 - Slow down moving targets – Whenever changes or additions are submitted to DRB/DAB/P&Z, interested parties, volunteer board members and staff need additional time to review the material, consult with experts, and think about it awhile.  The plan is like a engine – tweak it in one place and there is movement and change throughout the system. This should also have a 15 day consideration period. (Terhune)

#2 - All development projects, especially in residential areas, from the first point of inception, will be posted on the “development” website which will have both an email list and an RSS feed residents will be allowed to sign up for and it will go to NPA Steering Committee Members citywide.  Each project will also have its own email list and RSS feed residents can sign up for to receive updates on the project as it progresses.  (Rooney)

#3 - Notice of local NPA's when any application requiring design review comes in the door. (Stuono)

#4 - Notice of abutting property owners when any application requiring design review comes in the door (not just 10 days before the DRB hearing -- often times people are on vacation or don't have enough time to prepare info). "Abutting property owners" should be expanded to a much wider area besides just adjacent owners.  Something at least three or four properties in all directions at bare minimum should be required.  Many neighbors get no notice, yet projects still affect them substantially.   (Stuono)

#5 - There is currently no public notice of DAB hearings that I know of.  People only learn of them if they check the web site frequently (or P & Z in person).  Projects currently go through two levels of review (initial P & Z analysis and the DAB), before neighbors are even notified of a project.  Oftentimes the early phases of a review process are the most important. (Stuono)

#6 - When notices are sent out, a copy of the application should be sent with them (or at the very least a detailed description and a drawing).  A one-sentence blurb does little to inform a person of the details of the project.  And many people can't get down to P & Z to find detailed info. (Stuono)

#7 - All materials submitted by the applicant should be made available via the web (I believe they are now already scanned in, so putting them on the web should not be difficult), and this indicated on notices. (Stuono)

#8 - All commercial projects and multi-unit residential ones must be given NPA notice across all the Wards.  OK to do this through email, but address lists must be kept current. (Stuono)

#9 - "Interested party" should be defined broadly, especially with issues that have implications for the city at large. Whole neighborhoods have interests as well.  Neighbors should be informed by mail about a proposed project in their area.
Parties may be both self-interested and civic-minded. Don't assume we don't want what's best for the city. Don't automatically believe what the insiders are telling you.  They have a self-interest, too, and they are not always truthful. (McGrew)

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