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Heineberg Rd - North Ave. - Shore Rd.

To the average driver, this intersection seems fine. With two north bound lanes, one of them fo left turns onto Shore Rd., traffic flows pretty smoothly through here. The problem with this intersection is a pedestrian problem. Crossing North Ave. here is a race against time, yet those who make the trip don't know how much time they have. The distance is 40 to 50 feet and the total time you have to cross is 20 seconds, though the only way to know this is to measure it, which I did. Only 5 seconds after the signal to cross begins, it switches to the blinking "don't" signal. Even a fast walker like myself can barely reach the halfway point before getting the numberless countdown to the traffic signal change.

What makes this crosswalk particularly hazardous is the surrounding neighborhood. To the east is the Heineberg Senoir Housing complex. On the northwest corner is St. Mark's Church. I don't have the statistics, but I would bet this intersection is used by more seniors than any other high traffic intersection in the entire New North End. 

The signal needs to beat least 10 seconds longer and it should have a numric countdown so that seniors, children and everybody in between can safely cross North Ave. without worrying about being hit by a car. At least not worrying about it more than normal. 



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