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Smart Growth For North Ave.

This is the letter to the editor I wrote to the Free Press in response to their article on the development downtown behind Bank North...

The development behind TD Banknorth is , as Brian Pine said, "a great example of smart growth." Using the limited space we have in Burlington and creating spaces for a wide spectrum of use is in everyone's best interest. However, while it may reduce some of the pressure of housing development for rural areas, Burlington's New North End will likely continue to face a great deal of it.

The good news for New North Enders is that the land where the DMV currently sits would be an ideal spot for repeating the type of success enjoyed downtown for (senior and?) affordable housing if the land were to made available. It's adjacent to a successful and diverse commercial plaza as well as the bus line and Leddy Park. Because of the size of the land and its location in a neighborhood activity center, the number of homes created could be more than twice that of the development downtown.

When needs are met with with opportunity, the City of Burlington should do all it can to encourage a successful solution. I think this project can also be a solution for the New North end and for Burlington.


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