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Opening Government

The Open Government Committee is open for business.

The first order of business, it seems, is finding out how this was put together and how other similar and future committees should be put together.

The second order of business should, in my humble opinion (IMHO), should be establishing the scope of our recommendations. What departments, councils, committees, officials, etc are we addressing with our recommendations?

Third pretty much depends on the first meeting. We need to quickly figure out how the rest of meetings should be held. I would strongly encourage a brief mention of our activities at each of the NPA Meetings.

I'm so glad I'm on this committee. I ran for City Council with this very subject as a large part of my platform. I also ran with accessibility in mind. I invite you all to use the forum on this website to voice your opinion on this, or anything, so I can represent you on the OGC.

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